#Adrenalinci, August 2016

(Adrenaline seekers)


Youth TV series for Slovenian national television that features 8 young thrill-seekers who take part in 10 different extreme sports. Beautiful locations, youthful energy and new friendships are the key elements, that made this project really special.

Show you can see here!


Director: Aron Horvath
Director of photography: Dejan Ulaga
Producers: Jure Kreft and Jan Marin
Screenplay: Nika Osredkar and Jure Kreft
Making of: Jan Marin
Camera: Aron Horvath, Dejan Ulaga, David Solarič
Sound recording: Danijel Bogataj, Jure Maček, Miha Rudolf, Zoran Grabarac, Aljaž Bastič
Sound design and music: Danijel Bogataj
Production manager: Mario Knapić
Edit: Andrej Avanzo, Jaka Krivec, Žan Žvižej
Animation: Tamara Nemeth
Physicist: Aleks Smolkovič
Production assistant: Sara Mauser

Youth TV Series