We started as kids with cameras in our hands, hoping to someday be able to film something good.
We were driven by passion towards moving images and a will to learn – two things that we still possess.
We are happy to be able to work for our dreams, setting our goals higer and higher and have fun along the process.


He is upgrading his experiences of working at Mladinska knjiga publishing house and RTV Slovenija with his work for FIXMEDIA. He is reliable, extremely thorough and never runs out of fresh ideas. His work is driven by his sense of responsibility, which pushes him to continue working untill the work is of top quality.

Jure Kreft

Executive producer

Currently a student of film and television directing on AGRFT, where he is one of the most promising students. He is developing his talent for moving image since he was little and wants to exceed himself with every project. He brings emotions to his work, making the project alive and colorful while warming viewers’ hearts.

Jure Dostal


Extremely talented student of film and television directing on AGRFT, who follows his vision during projects and impresses people around him as well as public of film festivals across the globe.

Aron Horvath


He studied film and television directing on AGRFT and decided to upgrade his knowledge with studying production on masters level. He is conscientious and universal part of our team, on whom everyone can count. On top of all that, he also has impressive cooking skills.

Jan Marin

Producer, animator, director

Extremely organized, compassionate and full of ideas. Helps realizing our vision. Likes to take care of lists, calendars, planning and, of course, people in whom she quickly recognizes potentials and brings out the best in them.

Nika Osredkar

Production coordinator

Talented photographer who has found new challenge in moving image. Extremely charming and at the same time very simple artist, who, when working behind the camera, forgets about the time. He approaches every project with passion, because of which he is an irreplaceable member of our team.

Darko Sintič

Director of photography

Coordinating the production of a feature film Changing Emma as a 17 year old, it was clear he was born for working in videoproduction. He has valuable experience from working at Arkadena and huge love for organizing boxes of film equipment - this is why film equipment is always in good hands with him and he also likes to drive it around in all kinds of vehicles.

Mario Knapić

Production manager

He has always loved music and sound and decided to try and upgrade his love with working in film. He brings easiness in the crew and creates great atmosphere with his choice of music.

Danijel Bogataj

Sound designer and composer

Martin never loses motivation. He is always punctual, focused and thorough. Sound enthusiast, who wants to record sound even when he doesn't need to.

Martin Rajšter

Sound designer

Jan has a lot to offer: he is always available, has an amazing sense for organization, knows how to handle any type of film equipment and is an awesome partner in any project. He can even sing or do some electrical work (he is really versatile!)

Jan Šuštar


Nal is a student at Ljubljana's Academyof Fine Artsand Design. He is creative, passionate and has the ability to make each shot visually more attractive using his scenography skills.

Nal Klemen

Production designer

His passion for film started very early. At first he didn’t give any attention to it, but it remained, so he later started following it. He loves a good story and likes developing it to its full potential in all phases of the production. At the moment, he is mainly working as an editor with unsurpassable feeling for action.

David Lah


… and many other individuals without which our projects would not have happened!